That’s true. But it is the matter of when and how much. Listing your home does not mean that it will be sold quickly. An empty property often sits on the market for months risking unwanted, additional mortgage payments and/or extra fees. The way you present your house determines how long your house will sit on the market, however, there is a big competition for selling the houses.

It is no longer enough to try to de cluttering, keep the lights on and burn candles to make your home smell nice. Realtors have been advising their sellers for years on these various techniques. Today’s buyers are much more sophisticated. They will find defects which you try to hide, however, a home stager is specialized to show the good point of your property while covering the deficiencies.

Typically, any updates in kitchens and bathrooms hold a high rate of return. Another key selling space is the master bedroom or ‘master retreat’ as many people call them. Updates such as paint, counter tops, cabinet hardware and new light fixtures are inexpensive, high impact updates that always impress buyers.

Yes! Whether your property is at the lower price point or over a million dollars, staging will help present it in the best possible way to potential buyers. Vacant or occupied properties, older homes or new construction are all candidates for home staging.

At Black Swan Home Staging, we are skilled at professionally preparing a home for sale and have worked on every type of home, from bachelor condos to luxury houses and everything in between. Contact us today for a no obligation staging estimate.

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